Frequently Asked Questions

I have a broken window or door! Can you come right now?

Kinstone Glass offers 24/7 emergency services! Call us at 902 536 1980 anytime you need help. If you have a broken window or door and you’re worried about the weather, or need your problem fixed immediately for security purposes, we will be there.

I have a broken window or door, and I need to seal it up. Where do I start?

CALL US! Broken glass can be very dangerous to handle without the proper equipment. Kinstone Glass takes broken windows and doors very seriously. When we come to measure broken glass for replacement, we remove all broken glass on site and thoroughly clean the area. Once all dislodged glass is removed from the broken unit, we securely patch and block the open area so that it is safe for you and everyone in the building while you wait for the replacement. You can sit back and relax while we do all the work.

Do you only offer glass services?

We do many things! Our services include window repair, screen replacement, custom glass showers, doors and door hardware, mirror cutting and installation, safety glass, custom glass cutting, leak detection and prevention, privacy and solar reflective films, and so much more. Check out our services page for a detailed list of our offerings.

What is a "glazier"?

A glazier is the industry term for someone who handles glass installation and repair - essentially, us! Just as a mechanic works with machinery and a carpenter works with wood, glaziers work with glass.

My window is two panes thick - is that normal? What if one pane breaks but the other doesn’t?

Most modern windows are ‘glass thermal units’. They’re made with two pieces of glass housed in either vinyl, wood, or metal trim. There’s an airspace between them that holds an inert gas - this space acts as an insulator, keeping cold air either out in the winter, or in in the summer. If only one pane breaks, that inert gas still escapes, and the insulating seal is broken. Replacement of the whole unit is the best and most cost-effective option.

My window is foggy on the inside, and I can’t clean it. Do I need a new window?

First, let’s discuss why your window looks this way. Glass thermal units are designed with an inert gas filled in an airspace between two panes of glass, then sealed to create an insulating property that’s called a ‘thermal value’. All seals eventually break down over time, which allows moisture to enter the unit, creating condensation. This is the cloudy feature you are noticing inside your window.

Second, it is possible to repair the window but there are downfalls to doing so. Various companies offer de-fogging solutions: they drill a hole in the glass, apply a liquid solution to the airspace between, and reseal the glass after the procedure. This does cosmetically fix your window but won’t fix the real issue that caused the problem in the first place - the broken seal. Kinstone Glass strongly believes in replacement when it comes to foggy windows. With a de-fogging procedure, you’ll likely have to repeat the process in 6 months. With replacement, you’ll be happier with the end results, and it will save you money in the long run.

How long does glass replacement or installation take?

There are a few factors that determine the length of time it takes to complete a glass replacement job. Single pane glass replacement often can be completed the same day or the same week as requested. Heat strengthened glass is an exception to this, as it must be custom ordered and can take between three to five weeks to receive. Double and triple pane units must also be ordered, taking about one to three weeks to arrive. Once glass has been received, it’s as easy as scheduling a time for installation which can often be completed within one day.

How long does it take to design and install custom glass showers?

Creating a custom glass shower can be a lengthy process, but to ensure accuracy and quality, cutting corners in unacceptable. We work closely with you to create the custom glass solution that is best for you and your home. From the initial meeting and measurement, to design and quoting, to ordering, scheduling and installation, the entire process can take between four to seven weeks.

Do you offer glass service for all HRM communities or just Halifax?

Kinstone Glass offers services to all HRM including Halifax, Dartmouth, Spryfield, Fairview, Clayton Park, Bedford, Sackville and more! If you’re curious about service in your area, give us a call and ask, or fill out the form on the contact us page.